The Consortium

We, The Consortium, are a mixture of fans, businessmen and sports people who believe we can bring Bury FC to the forefront of English & European Football. Current members are Pete Zaparla, Arne Uldiron, Abram Romanovic, Del Starbuck, William Christopher, Jimmy Fazakerly, and Wim Bonus. Media manager is Anna Kins. What are we up to? Read on ...

If not by direct action, then by stealth -

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Abram and I have been paying close attention to Del's boy Malcolm at FC Gloryhunters. As mega-business men we are being impressed by his strategy which goes like this;

  1. Get one fellow to take effective control of the club
  2. Jack the admission prices up to bleed the faithful fanbase

He seems to have hit on a brilliant money making scheme. Why don't FC Berry do this, I am asking myself? I think we'll send Dmitri into Giggland to have a word

Friday, June 10, 2005

Hello long suffering fans of FC Berry!

Our consortium has been a bit how you say under the rug this last few months. I am giving my old pal Rupert the nod this week to leak a few stories in the UK press. Anything to keep your hopes up, eh? As you Brits like to say, any Ports in a storm!

I am keeping the bloodshut eye on the FC Berry message board. Who is this SFE fellow, and his mad family? Do they not talk to each other at home? And this fellow y3k Jon? He will be out by the end of the summer, or my name is not Arne Uldiron. And what is norks? We are not having these in Norway, more are the pities

I am amused to read that the FC berry fans have twigged that one man now owns the ground. And to think that Abram is moving into the UK housing development market. What is the chances of that I am asking myself?

I see Del's man Malcolm is getting some bad press in Manchester after my old pals John and JP cashed in their chippings. Always better to let someone else take the flax, as I always say. Maybe more fans for FC Berry eh?